VVDI MB Tool Tutorials: Replace Mercedes- Benz W204 ELV

How to use Xhorse VVDI MB BGA Tool and Mini ELV Simulator to replace/program Mercedes- Benz W204/W207/W212 ELV? Here is the tutorials.

Here takes 2006 Mercedes Benz C300 W207 as an example.

Prepare all devices below:

Xhorse VVDI MB Tool

Xhorse VVDI Mini ELV Emulator

Benz W207 ELV

A working key

Benz Test platform

12V adapter

What is Xhorse VVDI MB Mini ELV Simulator ?

✔ Upgrade version of Xhorse ELV Simulator, dimension 5 times smaller, higher cost performance.

✔A super mini substitute for the original ELV/ESL.

✔ Support all Benz vehicles equipped with W204/W207/W212 directional lock.

✔ Support directly exchange the directional lock in the position of the original car.

✔ Emulate the ELV sound of the original car.

Operation steps:

Connect VVDI MB with EIS, Benz test platform and 12V adapter power on the test platform

1.Read EIS data

Run VVDI MB Tool software

Click EIS Tools>> Read EIS Data

Read data success and the EIS is normal.

2.Calculate password

Step 1: Select working key, communicate mode and chassis

Select Password Calculation>> Chassis W172, 204, 207 with ELV

Step 2: Press “Data Acquisition” to start with following step:

  • Insert the working key to EIS, wait5 seconds
  • Takeout the working key, and then insert again
  • Take out the working key and insert into the VVDI MB IR reader
  • Data acquisition in process
  • Insert the working key into EIS, wait 30 seconds
  • Insert the working key to VVDI MB Tool IR reader, wait…
  • Save acquisition dataafter reading

Step 3: Press “Upload Data” to send acquisition data

Step 4: Tick Auto refresh and press “Query result” to get result

Calculate password online success.

3.Replace the original EIS data

Copy the password

Go to EIS Tools, paste password to corresponding area

Save EIS data

Save as HC05 format

Press Get to search erase password

Find erase password success

Save and replace previous EIS data

Save and replace HC05 format file

4. Replace Benz ELV

Install VVDI MINI ELV Emulator

Select ESL Tools>> Read ESL data>> Load ESL data

Upload the ESL data read previously

Tick Auto clear TP and personalized

Press Write

Confirm use ESL emulator for the ESL

Write data successfully

Read EIS data again

Finally, connect the Mini ELV Emulator with vehicle to test if can start the car normally