CG FC-200 VW DQ250 EEPROM FLASH Data Reading Tutorials

How to read and backup VW DQ250 MQB TC1766 DFlash and PFlash data by CG FC-200 ECU Programmer, Here is the tutorials.

This is VAG DQ250 Gearbox.

Connect FC200 programmer, DQ250 Gearbox and computer correctly according to the wiring diagram

Then run FC200 software

Select Volkswagen (VW)

Type DQ250 in the search field to search the ECU model quickly

Select VAG_TEMIC_DQ250-MQB TC1766 display on the screen

Tap platform

Identify the CPU is TC1766

Read DFLASH and backup data

Read EXT_DFLASH and backup data

Read PFLASH and backup data