BMW E series F series key programming: which tools needed?

Here share with you 2 feasible solutions for BMW key programming E series F series: Use BMW Multi Tool or VVDI2 BMW! Check below info!


BMW Multi Tool program BMW E series and F series keys


What you need?

BMW Multi Tool V7.7 + BMW Multi Tool CAS4 Adapter + VVDI PROG Programmer 

All together about $1,616

BMW Multi Tool Key Programmer


BMW Multi Tool CAS4 Adapter


VVDI PROG Programmer


Advantage of this kit:

BMW Multi Tool is powerful Than AK300

Support encrypt CAS3 and CAS4

Support generate BMW E series F Series car key

Support EEPROM and odometer functions and so on

Disadvantage of this kit:

BMW Multi Tool now is stop update, so for some car models you may meet hardware limitation problem.


VVDI2 program BMW E series and F series keys

What you need?

VVDI2 BMW + VVDI2 BMW CAS4+ Authorization + VVDI PROG

All together about $1,647

VVDI2 Basic version for BMW


Advantage of this kit:

Cover all the functions of BMW Multi Tool

Frequent and continues update for VVDI2 and VVDI PROG will bring more and more new functions in future

Disadvantage of this kit:

VVDI2 kit price $1,647 is a little higher than BMW Multi Tool kit $1,616 (But you can almost ignore this)

Anyway, both these two kits are decent tools for BMW.

Pick up any of them will definitely help you out! Just choose considering your own need.