Autek IKey 820 Dodge Key Programmer Feedback Yes & No

Autek IKey 820 key programmer arrived me last week, 3 working days delivery by DHL. Bought 549usd from uobdii. I used it for Dodge from 2007 year and it doesn’t let me down, it works fine to add keys, program new key when all keys lost, read pincode, synchronize keyless etc for many Dodge car models (from 2007 year – 2017 year). IKey 820 does not have coil reader, only work with obd.

Besides, IKey 820 comes with 500 tokens. When you finish 500 tokens, you can reload another 200 tokens again and again. Tokens are free.


Autek IKey 820 Dodge key program feedback:

2015 Dodge ram 2500 fobik AKL USA
I selected ram 2500 and used the 2017 option
Pulled pin no problem
Added 2 keys and erased old keys out of system SUCCESS


Charger 2016 – No Pin read on these models even on MVP. Sourced Pin from dealer, select Charger 2015 and add prox.

Menus look clean and most everything is easy to navigate. Love that is says what Dodge stuff it can attempt a pin pull on without having to hook up obd like on ck200. The fact they left out mustang 2010 like you said makes me thing Autec actually tested what works and doesn’t, but of course not everything will work. Definitely don’t regret the buy so far.


I just added a key to a 2005 Dodge Durango and it bypassed the PIN and programmed the key in 5 secs. So far I’m very happy with this machine!


2012 Dodge Challenger add fobik
Read pincode after 1 minute wait time and programmed

Dodge RAM 2016 add key: Read pin and add fobik in 1mn.


2010 Dodge Ram pulled pin and program no issues

2006 Dodge magnum r.h.k success pin bypass

2006 Dodge Caravan
added key

2017 Dodge Ram fobik done under 2015 ram key

2012 dodge charger tombstone…less than 90 seconds.

2013 Dodge Ram Read Pincode+ program Fobik&Prox

2012 Ram pulled pin, erased and programmed pod key

2009 Dodge Caliber Success Pulled pin. light continued to blink constantly for a long time. Turned ignition off then waited 1 minute then everything was back to normal*

2014 Dodge Ram 1500 Success ikey 820. Programmed under Dodge Ram Used a GQ4-53t fobik remote IZY does not work dash will say wrong key. Pulled pincode
Do not turn ignition on during entire process. Fast programming under 2 minutes
2016 Dodge caravan, 2015 was last option. Pulled pin, erase keys, add 1 fobik and one pod key. Smooooth


2013 Dodge Avenger, pulled pin and programmed RHK in a fla$h….
Yes I programmed a 2009 Chevy impala. With no trouble

2008 Dodge Charger Daytona. Pulled pin and programmed under ymm

14 dodge ram AKL pulled pin programmed easy.


2015 Dodge Dart pulled pin and programmed under type 2.

2013 Dodge Dart fobik success. Pulled pin and program.

2008 Dodge caravan under y m m pulled pin and programmed fast.

2008 Dodge Caliber under y m m pulled pin and programmed fast.

2013 Dodge journey-dup prox-pulled pin-easy peasy

2013 Ram pulled pin and programmed.

2009 Dodge Caliber under y m m pulled pin and programmed fast.

2013 Dodge caravan add Fobik, 2 min and done.


13’ Dodge Journey. AKL. Pulled pin & programmed.


2016 Dodge Dart FOBIK AKL (2015 on screen)

2012 Ram 1500 added fobik keys in about three minutes….one to pull the pin and one for each new key

14’ Dodge Ram 1500. Spare GQ4. Pulled pin & programmed.

2013 Dodge Ram 3500 Add Key Success Under Ram-1500

2017 dodge 2500 programmed in seconds under 2015 ram.pulled pin.

09 Dodge Journey pulled pin and program

2014 Dodge Dart
Pulled pin under type1
Programmed fobik under type 2 Done!


2005 Dodge Caravan AKL…Success! Used Pacifica Add Key Barely over a minute.

2013 Dodge Challenger AKL programmed pod key under y m m took about 2 minutes

2006 Dodge Ram 2500 pulled pin & programmed added key & remote functions, took about a minute.


2017 Dodge Journey, simple. Pulled Pin and Programmed Prox under 2min. AKL

2004 Dodge Durango dealer key since this is a problem child. Programmed in 2 seconds no pin needed. It was so fast I really thought it wasn’t going to work but worked perfectly.

13 dodge ram GQ4-53T fobik

2016 Dodge Dart Pulled pin and programmed fob


AKL 2003 Dodge Ram success pin obtained through dealer

07 dodge ram pulled pin and programmed

2015 Ram prox pulled pin and programmed

12 Dodge journey Prox Success


2017 Dodge caravan pulled pin and programmed under 2016

2015 Dodge Ram 3500 prox equipped ……. had pin (although it did give me a pin read option) — programmed right in

2015 dodge journey pts all Key lost
13 dodge carvan in and out very fast


2015 Dodge Promaster with Fiat key. PIN kept pulling up 77777 but after getting the right one from the dealer it programmed in fine.

2013 Dodge Challenger Push Start, pull pin, added extra key, sync push start

14 Dodge RAM by vehicle. PIN, program FOBIK and 2 Y170’s $$$ in the bank

2011 Dodge Ram 2500 fobik. Pulled pin and program success.
04 dodge neon type 2 VPW Programmed no issue Pulled pin with mvp


14 Dodge Challenger, prox- fobik. Pulled pin and programmed chip and prox.
I just used ikey820 to pull pin and program rhk for 2007 dodge ram.under type 2


2006 Dodge Ram 2500 pulled pin & programmed added key & remote functions, took about a minute


2011 Dodge charger prox RFH
Failed by year and model
Eventually I read the pin using ck200
Had to go by type and choose RFH
Success with ikey820 after reading pin with ck200


2005 dodge magnum erased all keys and programmed in 3 new keys and one old key SUCCESS and a little bit of a story

selected by model and year

strange glitch tho

i programmed in 1 new key

key count 3

customer then advises one key was stolen previously

I had left in one old decrepit barely working thing of a key she had and there was also the previously stolen key left in as well……………

so i offered to erase them all and reprogram back in the 2 keys

NOW at this point she lets me know of two other keys she has inside that are already cut! but have not been programmed in…………………………..

so i now go and erase all the keys and am going to program in all 4 keys! i currently have in my hand

erase keys goes fine
key count 0

go to add my new key i made her under NEW KEY ADDING
key count 0………………

uh oh thats not good

add key trying with one of her new keys under NEW KEY ADDING
key count 0………………..

grrrrrr this is bad

hmmm let me try add with OLD KEY ADDING
key count 1


key count 2 OLD KEY ADDING
key count 3 OLD KEY ADDING
key count 4 OLD KEY ADDING

and so i think for some reason after i erased the keys

only OLD KEY ADDING works even if they are completely new keys that had never been programmed in

because the two keys she brought from inside the house had never been programmed in and when trying to add them after the erase

it would only add them with OLD KEY ADDING


Autek IKey820 Dodge key programming failure list:

Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel 2018
Couldn’t read PIN, tried a bunch of different years under RAM 2500 RAM and Superduty. Dealer closed today thought it would pull dang.
FAIL on PIN read

Reply: 2018 is new and different (Go here and read: )


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I screenshot the below two images:

autek-ikey820-dodge-01 autek-ikey820-dodge-02