$49.99 Hot Launch EasyDiag 2.0 Plus Review Pros and Cons

I love Launch EasyDiag 2.0 Plus smartphone diagnostic kit; it does everything you really need without spending $1000+ for a real scanner. This EasyDiag 2.0 came within 7 days. all is good, very happy with this kit a good investment.

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– Bluetooth

– allow me to use it on either android or iphone

easydiag 2.0 plus test

– It has the obvious generic code reader/scanner but it also does engine, ABS, SRS, transmission and also does live date and color graphing. It will show you fuel trims etc.

dashbaord warning lights

– Obvious ability to clear codes on all vehicle systems, interface is really easy to use too.

reset the airbag light on my BMW X3, after I register successfully, I can choose BMW car brand software (to diagnose ALL systems), anyway the software is pretty easy to set up, and within about 10 minutes i was in the car and managed to find a problem was a seat sensor which i had replaced and then cleared the codes. The airbag light & message is now gone from the dash.

 The ABS light on my Jetta was illuminated and now it is clear (thanks to this kit and a new ABS sensor).

– Diagnosed a check engine light in my Audi (it needed an O2 sensor) and the ABS light in my Mercedes E Class (needed an ABS sensor).

Very impressed with the vehicle coverage and what it can do.

– The EasyDiag 2.0 PLUS is allows me to diagnose ALL systems and give fantastic live data etc.. my advice is to not waste your money on the cheap poor kits, this is the future of auto diagnostics i can guarantee it.

– My Ford Fiesta had a check engine warning light, and I used the EasyDiag 2.0 PLUS kit to find out that the MAP sensor needed to be changed. I spent £15 on the new part and now the car runs great and the engine light was deleted in seconds. The reason I went for this instead of a Ford iCarsoft kit is so that when I change my car in future, all I need to do is buy the software for my next car instead of buying a brand new diagnostic kit.

– I used the EasyDiag 2.0 PLUS kit to clear an engine light from my C Class and was very impressed with the service.

The guys at www.uobdii.com helped me make the purchase and gave me good advice on a kit that was suitable for my needs.

easydiag 2.0 plus


The only thing I noticed that it really does not do is bi-directional reading but if you need that then you’re a professional mechanic working in a shop.

That’s all