(Best) JLR Mangoose SDD V154 driver & patch free download and win7 install

JLR Mangoose SDD V154 Crack need to firstly download the full software, then sdd driver and sdd patch before installing on win7.


You need to download all of the following 3 ones:

  1. SDD V154 full download



  1. SDD V154 driver free download



  1. SDD V154 patch free download



*** If you bought the JLR Mangoose interface from www.uobdii.com, the above 3 ones will be included in the CD and ship to you.


JLR SDD V154 setup on WIN7


  1. Ready.

Copy the “DFStd, SDD driver and SDD Patch” to the destop.



Open “SDD 154 FULL”.


Choose setup language: English(United States), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Dutch and Simplified Chinese



Install “JLR_IDS_Install_tools”, “Microsoft. NET Freamwork 4.6”, “HV safety Installer Setup Wizard”.

jlr-sdd-v154-install-03 jlr-sdd-v154-install-04 jlr-sdd-v154-install-06

  1. Install SDD_154 full.

Install the Moxa Uport 1110/1130/ 1150 Windows Driver Setup Wizard.

jlr-sdd-v154-install-08 jlr-sdd-v154-install-09


SDD V154 install – it will take about 30miniutes to 2 hours.



Complete installing SDD V154, you must restart your computer.



Back to the CD to open “SDD_154.01”.



Install SDD Installshield Wizard.



Update SDD to version 154.01.002, restart your computer (it is required).

jlr-sdd-v154-install-14 jlr-sdd-v154-install-15 jlr-sdd-v154-install-16 jlr-sdd-v154-install-17


  1. Install SDD 154 Patch

Right click “SDD Patch” , choose “Extract Here”, open the folder “SDD” on the desktop, right click the blue icon “SDD” until you see “OK” windows.

Open the txt “SDD”.



Open “JLR SDD” on the desktop.



It pops up IE windows, click on “Ask me later”, you can see “Network Connection is disabled”, click on “Continue”.



User authorization: Copy and paste the username and password from the patch. txt.

jlr-sdd-v154-install-21 jlr-sdd-v154-install-22


Input your info.



  1. Install SDD 154 driver

Communication device not OK, because you need to install the SDD driver.



Back to the desktop to install “SDD driver”, at this time, please follow the pop-up message to plug JLR MangoosePro J2534 cable.

jlr-sdd-v154-install-25 jlr-sdd-v154-install-26 jlr-sdd-v154-install-28 jlr-sdd-v154-install-29


Right click “My computer” -“Manage”- “Device Manager” – “Vehicle PassThru Interfaces”, you can see “MangoosePro JLR J2534 Interface”, it means the cable establish a good communication with the computer.



  1. Use SDD 154 to diagnose Land Rover

One more time, open “JLR SDD” application, you can see the vehicle ignition is on, and reading VIN automatically.

jlr-sdd-v154-install-31 jlr-sdd-v154-install-32


Star to diagnose Land Rover.

jlr-sdd-v154-install-33 jlr-sdd-v154-install-34 jlr-sdd-v154-install-35 jlr-sdd-v154-install-36 jlr-sdd-v154-install-37 jlr-sdd-v154-install-38


  1. Install Deep Freeze software in order to use SDD V154 forever.

Open “DFStd_KEY”, copy the key.

Open the “DFStd” icon, paste the license key.

Select the drives to be Frozen Protected by Deep Freeze. The boot drive must always be Frozen.

Ready to install Deep Freeze.

Restart your computer.

Purpose: You can always use SDD V154, don’t worry the software expires.

jlr-sdd-v154-install-39 jlr-sdd-v154-install-40 jlr-sdd-v154-install-41 jlr-sdd-v154-install-42


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