Cheap Tuirel S777 with total 46 car software download only 399USD


As we all know, X431 iDiag adapter is very cheap, only $89USD, but it doesn’t contain any car software, the user need to buy diagnostic software directly from the official website, and 66USD per car model, 699usd for total 42 Asian Car Models and 799USD for total 31 European and USA car models, therefore, if you are a workshop car technician, you need to spend about 1500USD to download all of the car models.

What about Launch X431 Diagun III, it costs about 639USD, it works with most popular car models from Asia, America, Europe and Australia.

Think they are too expensive? Especially for that workshop which is newly opened and have not enough budget? Then, recommend you get one Tuirel S777, it is only about $399USD (about 357 EUR) on sale, it has the same function as X431 diagun and X431 iDiag do, they have basic diagnostic function, including: read and clear trouble code, read data stream, actuation test, read ECU information etc. Also the user can download total 46 car software and update at official website: .

In a word, if you have no enough budget, Tuirel S777 is a smart choice.