BMW EWS emulator connection E36 318

User Question:
Hi, I want to IMMO off a BMW 318i e36 and the car only has the ECU (EWS is not present because the car is a race car). The ECU number is 0261203667 1432763. M44 engine, The ISN = 14e
How to connect a BMW EWS emulator and get the ISN with only the ECU available?
Can somebody tell me to how to get the ISN from the DME? Note: I do not have the EWS.

Answer from UOBDII.COM engineer:
BMW EWS2 EWS3.2 Emulator E34 E36 E38 E39 E46 available at can do this car.  Please follow the next instructions to operate.
BMW EWS Emulator Installation:
The following steps take EWS2 for example.
1. Remove original EWS2 control unit, find +12v ACC, GND, K-line wires, attach emulator. Emulator must be in service mode: JUMPER 1 shorted.
2. Connect ANY K-line diagnostic adapter to vehicle diagnostic connector and launch EMULATOR CONFIGURATION UTILITY:

3. Choose COM port, write in desired ISN number, press button Store. Or –
4. For some ECU s it is possible to read ISN number directly from engine control unit. In this case select option ECU xxxxx , press Read. Software will try to read ISN. If successful, choose option EWS emulator and press button Store to save ISN number into emulator.
5. Disconnect emulator from K-line, remove JUMPER 1 and connect K output from emulator to DME(DDE) <-> EWS line.
6. Don t forget to short two starter relay wires (EWS connector)!
7. Car is ready to start.

NOTES: BMW EWS2 EWS3.2 emulator  similar procedure is used, the only difference is that it is NOT connected directly to diagnostic K-line.
There are NO any counters or car starts limited. You can change and store new ISN without any limitations.
Emulator is shipped with JUMPER 1 shorted. For testing purposes ISN 0579 is stored by default.