How to Use CGDI Benz Prog to Reset Benz ME9.7 ECU on Bench

Here OBD2 show the procedures on how to use CGDI Benz Monster to reset/renew Benz ME9.7 ECU.



Build wire connection between ME9.7 ECU,CGDI MB programmer and computer


Open CGDI Benz software,click “Wiring Diagram”,then select “ECU”à”ME9.7” to check the your connections are correctly.

Select “Auto Computer”,then click “Read”

After reading process completing,you can see vehicle information on the software.

Click “Get” to get erase password

Wait for process…

Erase password calculated successfully

After then click “Erase” button

Erase successfully

And now you can read the ECU information again to check ME9.7 status.