How to Program 2013 Audi S4 All Keys Lost with Launch X431 Pro5?

Use Launch X431 Pro5 to do 2013 Audi S4 all keys lost key programming, works perfectly! Launch X-Prog 3 Immobilizer & Key Programmer is required. Only need three steps.

Step 1: Read Anti-Theft Data

Step 2: Generate Dealer Key

Step 3: Learn Key

In details…


Connect SmartBox 3.0 and vehicle’s DLC via the OBDII extension cable

Connect X-431 Pro5 diagnostic tool and SmartBox 3.0 via Bluetooth

2.Identify vehicle info

Turn on X431 Pro5 tablet

Tap Intelligent Diagnose

It will connect VCI…read VIN…decode VIN.

Automatically detect the vehicle info successfully. It’s 2013 AUDI S4.

Click “Diagnostic”

3.Program all keys lost

Select Special Function>> Anti-theft Function>> Generation 4 And Above Immobilizer System>> All Keys Are Lost

Simultaneously connect Launch GIII X-Prog3, smartbox and X431 PRO5 according to the connection diagram

It will upgrade the anti-theft key matching connector.

Update adaptor firmware successfully

Select 5th Immobilizer>> A4/A5/Q5

Then perform the key programming process

Step 1: Read Anti-Theft Data

Insert the key to the keyhole or place it to the key sensing area, and turn on the ignition switch to illuminate the instrument if all keys are lost, turn on the hazard warning flasher and press the brake

Disconnect the BCM2 for more than 5 seconds and connect again

Reading the anti-theft data…

Read and backup the anti-theft data successfully

Take a screenshot to save the vehicle info

Step 2: Generate Dealer Key

Place a blank key into the Launch GIII X-Prog 3

If failed to generate the key, put the key correctly again

Generate dealer key successfully

Step 3: Learn Key

Input the number of keys to be learned

Insert the key to be learned successively within 30 seconds and turn to “ON” position

Interval for changing keys is less than 5 seconds

For smart key, place the key to be learned near the key sensing area, and press “START” button

Finally, remove the Launch SmartBox 3.0 from the vehicle