How to Identify BMW FEM Key with VVDI BMW Tool and Godiag BMW FEM/BDC Test Platform?

Godiag BMW FEM/BDC Test Platform can be used to work with Xhorse VVDI BMW Tool/VVDI BIMTOOL Pro for identifying BMW FEM keys perfectly.

First, lets see what’s inside the Godiag BMW FEM/BDC Test Platform package.

It comes with GODIAG OBD2 to OBD25 Cable and the Godiag test platform which has 4 lines including CON7, CON8, Odometer Connector, and FEM/BDC Power Connector.

Next, lets prepare all devices and accessories to connect.

Connect the 4 lines of Godiag BMW Test Platform to the corresponding position of BMW FEM/BDC ECU module

Connect Godiag platform and VVDI BMWTool via the OBD cable

And connect VVDI BMWTool to computer via the USB cable

After connection, Run BMW Tool software to operate.

Select “FEM/BDC Key Learn” function

Put the key into the identification area of Godiag test platform

Press the Ignition simulated start switch button

Click “Get key info” to identify the key

Get the key info successfully, and save the data.