Yanhua Mini ACDP wiring diagram of CAS3, CAS4, FEM BDC, MSV80 etc

Yanhua Mini ACDP wiring diagram of CAS3, CAS4, FEM BDC, MSV80, N20 BOOT, IC, OBP, VM MMC etc.


Devices needed for key programming

devices needed


MSV80 wiring diagram

MSV80 OBD wiring diagram of ACDP-02


FEM BDC reset wiring diagram

01-FEM BDC reset diagram-02


FEM wiring diagram

01-FEM wiring diagram-01 02-IC EEPROM RES location 03-install fem electric bridge 04-install puncture ic socket-01 05-connect the offline obd adapter with the reset pin of bdc electric bridge -01


BDC wiring diagram

02-IC eeprom RES location 03-install BDC electric bridge 2 04-Install the puncture ic socket -01 connect the offline obd adapter with the reset pin of BDC electric bridge-05


CAS3 OBD wiring diagram

01-CAS3 OBD diagram

CAS3 wiring diagram

01-CAS3 wiring diagram 01 02-cas3 probes location diagram-03 03-Twist four copper pillars-01 04-install interface board 05-CAS3 lock the interface socket and connect bdm adapter-01


CAS4 wiring diagram

01-BDM wiring diagram-CAS4 wholeset diagram 01 02-cas4 probes location diagram-02 03-install copper pillar-01 04-aim at the probes and lock the copper pillar-01 05-connect bdm adapter-01


N20 BOOT wiring diagram

01-build up copper pillar 02-hole location-01 03-boot position diagram 04-install interface board 05-connect PCAN cable 06-boot point connecting test


New IC wiring diagram

01-method of identify the first pin of sop8 chip 02-ready 03-puncture ic socket connection 04-connect the adapter to host 05-pull and insert the socket 06-supply power to the target board


OBP wiring diagram

01-OBP+ICP-NEW 02-sop8-A3 03-

VM MMC wiring diagram

01-MMC wiring diagram-01 02-ic pin power location schematic diagram 03-key detail-install interface board 04-break off the interference bracket first 05-install puncture ic socket