How to use VVDI KEY TOOL XDKTR1EN Renew adapter 13-24?

The newest VVDI KEY TOOL XDKTR1EN Renew adapter 13-24 is used to unlock the chip of Honda (2 styles), Nissan (3 styles), Chrysler (3 styles), Peugeot, Buick (2 styles), Mazda.

So far, VVDI Key Tool already supports 24 kinds of original remote renew without welding.

Here real images for you:

vvdi-key-tool-xdktr1en-renew-adapter-full-package vvdi-key-tool-xdktr1en-renew-adapter-04 vvdi-key-tool-xdktr1en-renew-adapter-09 vvdi-key-tool-xdktr1en-renew-adapter-08 vvdi-key-tool-xdktr1en-renew-adapter-07

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VVDI KEY TOOL XDKTR1EN Renew adapter is used to unlock the following chips:


VVDI KEY TOOL XDKTR1EN Renew adapter test video:

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