OTOFIX BT1 Car Battery Tester Reviews

What is OTOFIX BT1 Car Battery Tester?

OTOFIX BT1 is a touchscreen Battery & Electrical System analyzer that applies an advanced battery analysis algorithm — Adaptive Conductance. Adaptive Conductance produces a more accurate examination of the battery’s cold-cranking ability and reserve capacity, vital to determining a battery’s true health. The diagnostic report can be customized with your personal or entity information.

OTOFIX BT1 Car Battery Tester top 7 highlights:

  1. TOP-LEVEL ACCURACY & QUICK TEST RESULTS: Exclusive adaptive conductance algorithm.
  2. No subscription charge
  3. Battery load tester, car cranking, and charging system analysis.
  4. New battery registration to ECU.
  5. Auto VIN entry, auto-detection of battery specifications through the built-in camera
  6. Built-in thermal printer and e-mail function to print and email customized report


  • BMI Reset*
  • Battery Registration*
  • System Diagnostics with AutoSCAN (in-app purchase required)*

* The OTOFIX VCI can only be used for OTOFIX BT1

Free download: OTOFIX BT1 Vehicle Coverage

Free download: OTOFIX BT1 Quick guide

OTOFIX BT1 Car Battery Tester Reviews

  1. OTOFIX BT1isvery handy and for both professional and personal use. It come in a hard plastic case, open it up, there are a V200 VCI for Bluetooth connection. It’s said to test flooded or wet cell batteries and AGM aka absorbed glass mat as well as AGM Spiral and others. I have tried on flooded battery. After starting the connection with the VCI and starting the engine, I attached the test leads to the battery and tab in the vehicle test, the tool recognized the application in seconds by the wireless VCI and detected VIN automatically, then it read the Battery Type, Battery standard, Battery capacity. Then the tool guided me through the steps required to initiate the in-vehicle test.
  2. OTOFIX BT1has as the same function as a diagnostic case. I am looking for a battery tester which tells the truth. The testers under 50 never work and suddenly I said to myself this time you have to find a good product. I came across BT1 by chance it is expensive as a battery tester but not at all expensive for a diag case which can clear codes

  1. Just bought OTOFIX BT1. seems really interesting that the battery tester can do car diagnosis. online chat very helpful. can wait to test it

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