FoxFlash ECU Reading Outdoor via Mobile Phone Hotspot Connection Tutorials

When using Foxflash ECU Programmer to read ECU outdoors, We can use the cigarette lighter to power the device in the car. Use mobile phone to turn on hotspot to connect the computer for net network.

Detail Steps:

Plug the cigarette lighter into the cigarette lighter plug on the car.

The other end of the cigarette lighter is connected to the Bench device to supply power to it.

Next Connect with the computer and turn on the computer, The software can’t be opened when the computer is not connected to Internet.

Take out the phone. Turn on personal hotspot. Then use the laptop to find the name of the WIFI hotspot turned on by the phone,enter the hotspot password.

If it shows that the connection is successful, you can open the FoxFlash software to read the ECU.

Video Guide: