Diagnose Honda XR-V using ThinkCar 2 (ThinkDriver) + APP

Car model and year:

2016 Honda XR-V

Malfunctions and Symptom:

Unstable idling

Weak acceleration

Engine shaking

Check engine light is on

Honda diagnostic scanner to use:

ThinkCar 2 (same as ThinkDriver) which is customized by uobdii.com.

(To learn: ThinkCar 2 vs. ThinkDriver)

Here we go for procedure:

  1. Plug the LaunchThinkCar 2adapter into the obd2 port of XR-V.

In most cars located inside your car under the steering wheel or around the footwell area.


  1. Power on the car so that it starts open.


  1. Open ThinkCar 2and select ALL system diagnostic.


  1. ThinkCar 2will begin to read and decode the vehicles identification number (VIN) automatically, verify the year, brand and model (2016 Honda XR-V), click on “Ok”.

launch-thinkcar-2-diagnose-honda-xr-v-04 launch-thinkcar-2-diagnose-honda-xr-v-05

  1. Next, we will enter the diagnostic interface, select “Health Report”.


  1. The ThinkCar 2 will begin to scan the vehicle and produce the a file code, tell you the problem and identify it. In our case the PGM, ABS, EPS and EPB show their normal,

launch-thinkcar-2-diagnose-honda-xr-v-07 launch-thinkcar-2-diagnose-honda-xr-v-08

  1. We will read and clear the fault code, the fault code is P0353, which means NO.3 Cylinder ignition coil circuit malfunction.

launch-thinkcar-2-diagnose-honda-xr-v-09 launch-thinkcar-2-diagnose-honda-xr-v-10

  1. Now we have correctly diagnosed 2016 Honda XR-V, we will move on to the repair side of it.

How do we fix it, very simple, open the hood and replace the ignition coil on the cylinder No.3.

launch-thinkcar-2-diagnose-honda-xr-v-11 launch-thinkcar-2-diagnose-honda-xr-v-12 launch-thinkcar-2-diagnose-honda-xr-v-13

  1. Then clear the fault code with ThinkCar 2(ThinkDriver).


  1. Once it’s done, let’s check the health report again to verify the code has been cleared. No fault code this time.

launch-thinkcar-2-diagnose-honda-xr-v-15 launch-thinkcar-2-diagnose-honda-xr-v-16

Well done! problem is fixed!