VW GOLF MK6 All lost keys – OBD procedure with VVDI2?

This mini post is sent by our custmer on VVDI2 commender test on VW Golf MK6 all key lost programming,hope it help!

GOLF MK6 All lost keys - OBD procedure with VVDI2

Procedure: (vvdi2 on GOLF MK6)

Remove cluster
Read eeprom under the dials
24c32 or 24c64
Load dump into programmer
It will Generate service dump
Use that dump to get CS and PIN
Code key and remote


what year ??



all keys lost?

yes, done a few


through vvdi2?

yes. Without removing cluster. South african market. Same as Euro cars


what’s the procedure?

Remove cluster. Read eeprom. Some machines don’t need solder just plug into back with pogo pin but not too difficult


what’s key tool can do it?

Obdstar x300 dp plus can do this via obd