How to unlock immobilizer for VW Audi Skoda Seat

I got one unlock immobilizer tool for VW Audi Skoda Seat from UOBDII.COM at China, and today I test successfully to bypass the immobilizer in Tdi EDC16 K-Line, Tdi EDC16 Can 1.9-2.0, Tdi EDC16 Can 2,7, Tdi EDC15.

Step-by-step instruction:
1), Turn on the ignition switch
2) Connect the device to the diagnostic plug
3) Led is blinking fast, after one minute if it will blink slowly then disconnect device then immobilizer is turn off permanently. If it won’t work at first time, then repeat steps from beginning.

The following pictures are what I tested successfully.
Tdi EDC16 K-Line IMMO OFF(3)

Tdi EDC16 K-Line IMMO ON(1+3)

Tdi EDC16 Can 1.9-2.0 IMMO OFF(1+3+5)

Tdi EDC16 Can 1.9-2.0 IMMO ON(2+3+5)

Tdi EDC16 Can 2,7 IMMO OFF(1+2+3+5)

Tdi EDC16 Can 2,7 IMMO ON(4+5)

Tdi EDC15 IMMO OFF (2)

Tdi EDC15 IMMO OFF(2+1)