Key pro M8 VS Superobd skp-900 VS 468 KEY PRO III

The pros and cons of Key pro M8, superobd SKP900 and 468 key pro III are concluded by UOBDII.COM engineer, aim to give the users some useful guide before you choose any of the above-mentions car key programmers. Please go on reading the following parts.
What car models to work with?
The key pro M8 auto key programmer  works with most popular car models in the world from Europe, America and Asia, and SKP900 can even cover some Chinese car models. 468 key pro can only copy ID46 chip, read and write ID46 chip inform.
But, Key pro M8 cover more car models than skp900 auto key programmer  and 468 key programmer, it is an idea tools for a professional car locksmith who are supposed to make lots of keys for a number of brand car models.

Can it make key when all keys lost?
Key pro M8 and SKP900 can make new key when all keys lost, but 468 key pro III can only copy ID46 chip with the original chip.
What kind of key it can make?
Generally speaking, Key pro M8 can make auto transponder keys and auto remote keys; SKP-900 can read and program auto transponder keys, auto remote keys and auto smart keys; 468 key pro III can only copy ID46 chip. Do they work with your specific car keys; you need to check the user manuals in the package, if you don’t have. I offer you two download link.
SKP900 supported car keys:
Key pro M8:

What way to match key?
Both Key pro M8 and SKP900 can make key by directly plugging the OBD diagnostic cable with the car, and 468 key pro III copy the key by inserting the original key in the hole of the machine.

Does it need tokens?
Both Key pro M8 and SKP900 need tokens, when the tokens end Key pro M8 need money to add tokens and SKP900 add tokens for free. 468 key programmer  need no tokens.
Can it read pin code and does it need pin code?
Both Key pro M8 and SKP900 can read pin code for many car models and at the same time can’t read pin code for some cars, also don’t need PIN code when programming keys for many vehicles.

Can it update?
All of the three key programmers can update, Key pro M8 update for one-year free, and SKP900 is now free of charge to update.
As for how to update, the supplier also offer update way in the site.

In my option, there is no best or worst tool. Again I want to say: no tool can do all, each tool has its pros and cons, which one tool to buy it depend on your personal needs and budget.