2M2 Magic Tank cutting machine manual: apk, how-to, reviews etc.

Look at the following image, you will have a general understanding of 2M2 Magic Tank Automatic Car Key Cutting Machine:



Name: 2M2 Magic Tank

Attribute: Automatic Car Key Cutting Machine

Communication: Bluetooth

Compatible device: phone or IPod with Android system

Battery: optional

Built-in database: Search Code = instacode

standard fixture: 2-in-1 fixture, used for cutting the vertical milling blank and the key of the horizontal milling blank.

Warranty: 2 years

Language: English. Spanish and Portuguese


√All keys lost

√Cut with key code


√Create key


2M2 menu in English:

2m2-cutting-machine-manual-01 2m2-cutting-machine-manual-02 2m2-cutting-machine-manual-03


2M2 Clamps and adapters:

2m2-cutting-machine-manual-04 2m2-cutting-machine-manual-05 2m2-cutting-machine-manual-06 2m2-cutting-machine-manual-007

The chart of 2M2 Magic Tank car key blade:



Including European cars key blades (Car, plain mill, end mill, end mill internal tooth, ball mill, inner milling unilateral etc).

Japanese cars key blades (Car, plain mill, end mill, end mill internal tooth, ball mill, inner milling unilateral etc).

Korean cars key blades (Car, plain mill, end mill, end mill internal tooth, ball mill, inner milling unilateral etc).



How to use 2M2 Magic Tank for the first time?

1Download APP.


HU100 10pin is added.


2Install probe & cutter + calibration procedure + cut key.


Details in words & images:



Lots of videos on youtube:

Easy to use, easy to learn.

2M2 machine comes with step-by-step manual, when you decode any key blade, it will show the step-by-step procedure on how to choose a clamp, blade etc.


Replace battery:



TOY43 Key Cutting by 2M2



VA2 Key Cutting by 2M2



Hyundai KIA All Key Lost Cutting by 2M2



TOY40 Key Cutting by 2M2



Toyota Lexus TOY408 All Key Lost Cutting by 2M2



SPI22 Key Cutting by 2M2



Cut Ford FO21 Key by 2M2



HU162T Key Cutting by 2M2



Repair 2M2 Key Machine X,Y,Z Photo electricity:



Cut HU100 Key by 2M2:



HON66 Key Cutting by 2M2



HU64 Key cut by 2M2



HU101 Key cut by 2M2



More videos at:



2M2 Magic Tank FAQ:

1.How to solve the unusual noise after receiving 2M2 machine:



2.When using 2M2 to cut HON66, the left side is not equal to the right side,what to do?



3.How to use 2M2 “Search code” as instacode?



2M2 Magic Tank reviews: Yes

1.Got it and tested some PSA keys and everything works okay

2.Cut Nissan key by code.

3.Cut hu100 or a hu101 a toy48.

4.For how long the battery will last:

2M2 22.2v, 90Wh, it will cut key for 1 hour (cut dozens of keys), charging time:8 hours.



5.Ford F021 clamp is optional, you can pay it when you need.

2-in-1 and Mercedes Hu64 clamps are packed in default.



6.can cut VW HU162T without buying extra fixture.

7.Using 2.0 milling cutter to cut tibbe /f021 keys on 2m2.

8.Can cut HU66 9 teeths, please choose HU66 H9.

9.Can cut keys from key codes, lock number, key bits, key shape.

10.Can cut BMW blade key.

11.Can cut VW HU162T keys on 2M2 by paying extra 1.9 milling cutter.

Since the default milling cutter is 2.0.

12.Shipped with a USA electronically plug.


2M2 Magic Tank reviews: No

1.No available with Motorcycle database yet.

2.I tried the DIY Key function with no lucky, and I was told the DIY key is creating key which will be solved when the next-time update.

3.Not compatible with IOS app yet.

4.Not support Silca FO19. x


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