2M2 Tank makes unusual noise solution: 100% works


Receiving 2M2 Tank key cutting machine, I test it and find it makes unusual noise. I took two short videos. Hope you help me out.




uobdii.com Engineer solution: 100% works

Dear friend!

1.The trouble is due to collide on the way. so it is easy to solve it, please check belt and PCB board by following my instructions. and send pictures to me.


2.You installed the cutter & probe at the wrong place, please install

them by following the next youtube videos.

install probe & cutter + calibration


3 steps to check the belt:

Look for 5 screws at the bottom.


Loosen the 5 screws.


Take a picture and send me.


3 steps to check the PCB board:

This is 2M2 Tank PCB.


Loosen the screws.


Good luck