2M2 Cut HON66 “Left side is not equal to right side”, does it matter?

One 2M2 Magic Tank user feedback he has HON66 [No.25] to cut, but he has the confusion that : aafter calibrating the left side ,the right side is not equal (Left side=2.9mm, Right side =3.0mm).

2m2-magic-cut-hon66-01 2m2-magic-cut-hon66-02 2m2-magic-cut-hon66-03


2M2 chief engineer replied:

Please ignore the number of calibration, the position of cutter and tracer depend upon the number after calibration, so the number has a little tolerance that is normal. The most important is to put the blade 25# into the right position. that is okay.


Video on HON66 Key Cutting by 2M2 Tank Magic Key Machine:

2M2 Tank Machine tech support: www.uobdii.com