3 Steps to Use 2M2 Tank Key Cutter for the First Time

After receiving 2m2 tank key cutting machine, you need to follow the below 3 steps to do:

1.Scan the QR code to download APP.

2.install probe & cutter.

3.Do calibration

4.Ready to cut key


Step 1: where to download APP for 2M2 Key cutter

Click on https://tank.2m2.tech/


Or scan the QR code to download


Step 2: how to setup probe & cutter of 2M2 Tank key cutter?

Watch video: https://youtu.be/V3NC0QjXbBI (how to replace probe & cutter as well as do calibration)


Close the left groove


Tap “Tank” to open.


Tap “The golden yellow” button.


The first option.


Click on “Confirm”.


Remove the cutter.


Remove the probe.


Insert the cutter to the top.

Tighten the screw.


Insert the probe to the top.


Tighten the screw.


Click on “Confirm”.


  1. loosen the screw
  2. tighten the screw.


Probe and cutter the in the same line.


Click on “Confirm”.




Step 3: how to do Calibration of 2M2 key cutting machine?


-> Calibration must be done after fixing the cutter and probe, HU162T for example.

-> Calibration is very necessary for first time use.

->Calibration must be done after replacing the clamp, Ford FO21 for example.


Tap “Tank” to open.

Tap “The golden yellow” button.

Tap the first blue icon.

Take HON66 key for example, put the HON66 key blank on the left.


Fix the key blank 25# (HON66).


Between this groove.


Click on “Confirm”.


Start to cut.

Please clean the key and confirm that has no residue.


Finish, clean the machine.


Finally, let’s have an overview of 2M2 Tank menu options:



Japan Korea



DIY key

Russia, India, Malaysia



  1. Option Europe

Europe – Alfa Romeo -GT15.D99


  1. Option: China

  1. Option Japan Korea

Acura -> HON37.d88


  1. Option: USA

Buick -> B100.D00


  1. Option: DIY key


  1. Option: Russia, India, Malaysia



2M2 Tank key cutting machine is easy to learn, easy to use. When you use this machine to decode any key blade, it will remind you how the clamp the blade & key blank in step by step procedure. The APP has step -by-step procedure.

2M2 key cutting machine is especially for all key lost, and also it can cut with key code, duplicate, key creating.