HEXTAG By Microtronik reviews, update/ subscription, ECU clone & FAQ

Topic: HEXTAG By Microtronik good reviews, update/ subscription, Ecu Cloning Function, Questions and answers.



Part 1:How does HexProg work?

1. HEXTAG Programmer work OFFLINE, only the updates and the wiring diagrams based on servers.


2. Hextag works on win 7 32 and 64 bit operating system without any issues and as it is a BETA versions software.


Part 2: HEXTAG By Microtronik good reviews

-> CAS4 all that I tested – 100% safe and fast.
KVM – FK72 – cannot unsecure.


-> BMW f30 with FEM Body
HuF key 868 mhz Reset  successfully .


-> Clearing 35xx or 160xx eeproms looks good.


-> Done about 30 FRM repairs, read and write cas4+ with no de soldering. Reset f series and e series keys. Read kvm for Range Rover sport and porch bcm.


-> Works great on cas4 cas4+ cas3…..read write eeprom and flash ,d flash and p flash…done over 100 pcs never has issues.


-> I’ve been having great luck reading out CAS3+ and CAS4+. Key unlock is also working great for the CAS3 keys.


-> I’ve been very impressed with the cloning features. In playing with MEVD1724 and MEVD1728, it will read ISN in 10 seconds, and make full backup in 90 seconds. Incredibly quick!
HUF 315mhz key reset firmware is also fixed and working perfectly.


-> bcm with BCM with 1L15Y ,2M25J is safe
but for 5M48H,1N35H some work good and some not


-> EDC17CP02 cloned successfully
FRM repair with 1 single click successfully
CAS4 read okay
868Mhz F.. key reset success
868Mhz E.. key reset okay


-> Does it support for instrument cluster virgin zing etc?

Answer: read write finally yes but bites need to modify yourself.


-> F10 2013 done
Cas4 5m48h and 35160 circut.


-> BMW F10 520d 2016 DDE service mode backup + ISN
very fast read



-> Cas3+ Read/Write With no Problem


-> cas4 read and modify without component removal .For me hextag is top!


-> I’ve been impressed with the features of Hextag for BMW modules and engine computers. Working great for all the MEVD, MSD, and EDC stuff that I’ve tried. I understand that ISN write will remain an Autohex capability, but I would love to see a working hour reset option in Hextag. This would be useful for power class changes, Vmax delete, and some DME coding options.


->Hextag For me works 100% perfect, and compare to other tools it’s a lot more cheaper and the risk of damaging the ecu is extremely low. I use it every day to read and write ecu, and to do many Frm ( only the FRM paid the tool in 2 Weeks) the only challenge for now is the checksum correction as it cannot do it for now but they promise they will add it very soon.
but beside that I am very happy about it.
Just waiting to know how much is the yearly license, but I am quite confident it won’t be too much.
Any other original tool, you will be paying 10x times the price and you will also pay for any new module added.


-> HexTag is very good device for Chip-tuning Too. MicroTronic support is nice. I have contact them for checksum correction and Micro team made it for me as they promised(HexTag got no checksum correction yet but, by Micro, it will be released.
After checksum tool will be released HexTag Can Compete Kess for NEW ECU.


Part 3: HEXTAG By Microtronik make a key with AUTOHEX II

HEXTAG By Microtronik is only reset key for BMW. To make a key you’ll need AUTOHEX II.

Hextag is bdm tool. Where you’ll need it if you gonna do cas4+. It have an option to reset some keys not only bmw. But there no option to make keys.
Autohex over obd its only e series, f series need take modules out.


Hextag is designed to reset original factory keys. In my experience, that has worked perfectly.

hextag can reset a few china keys too but not all, its just annoying it locked a few keys without programming them that’s all.


Part 4: HEXTAG By Microtronik make a key with cgdi BMW

I use hextag by Microtronik with cgdi BMW. I don’t particularly trust cgdi for downgrade, so I read out CAS with hextag and make all keys from dump. Works great. I really trust the hextag to safely read all cas modules, plus it can reset keys.
I’m also loving the DME features, but I really hope they keep the price reasonable.


Part 5: Hextag by Microtronik update / subscription:

Question: I’d like to be clear. If I buy this tool and if I don’t pay $350 next year can I use hextag to read and program cas2-4 + and reset the keys?

Answer: yes only cloning/tuning feature you need to purchase the license, all other features in hextag are lifetime free.


Part 6: HexProg 1.0.14 Ecu Cloning features and update cost:

We have mentioned and highlighted  in our order online page itself the HexProg 1.0.14 Ecu Cloning feature is free only for the year 2019,so we are not telling anyone you will get cloning lifetime for 500$ tool. you have choices mate you have option to buy cloning in hextag for 1 grand or you can buy other tool in market for 5-7K.



We do respect individual thoughts on various aspects but cloning/tuning is just another function in Hextag additional to BCM readings, key reset,cas2-4+ without removal of any component, cluster reset etc…so you cannot say blocking 90% of functionality.


We understand someone’s feeling regarding stopping cloning feature without subscription and we are yet to be finalize on conditions like that.

We also supports tricore ECU’s and 90% of them are done without opening ECU cover with a price not even closer to the tool you have mentioned.


For cloning/tuning chances are there to get errors in that case you can contact support and we will resolve it for you our support are active always to help out our customers.


Hextag/Hexprog software now has 19 more Ecus in the cloning list added on 13 different models, we also made the factory mode more reliable in initializing, as well as fixing more issues:

Added new brand Dacia and following ECU’s : EDC17C42,EDC17C84,Continental EMS3110,SID305

Added new brand Mahindra and following ECU’s: EDC17C55,EDC17C63,EDC17CP55

Added new brand Jac and following ECU:EDC17C63

Added new brand Smart and following ECU’s:ME17.7.20,ME17.9.20

Added following for FIAT: EDC17C84

Added following for Hyundai: MEG17.9.13,SIM2K-241,SIM2K-341 TC1738,SIM2K-341 TC1766

Added following for Kia: SIM2K-240

Added following for Mercedes-Benz:EDC17C42, EDC17C84, SID305

Added following for Nissan: EDC17C11,EDC17C42,EDC17C84,SID305

Added following for Opel: EDC17C11,EDC17C42 TC1766, EDC17C42 TC1767, EDC17C84

Added following for Porsche:SDI3,SDI4

Added following for Renault:


Added following for Volkswagen: EDC17CP54,ME17.5.26

Factory mode is perfect in initializing with Ecus.

SIMOS 18.1, SIMOS 18.2,.. Password calculation has been fixed.


Part 7: hextag by Microtronik question and solutions:

Question: Hextag no good. everything throws ref errors. always in contact with support. has 3 versions of EDC17CP14 and none work. Hextag in my instance Does not work on Windows 7 both 32 and 64. Had to install on Win 10. Comes without 12 Volt power supply and needs to be specific with 3 AMP. So out of the box you come limited for few months with Cloning version and missing power supply. Key reset only for few makes and models.



Hextag works on win 7 32 and 64 bit operating system without any issues and as it is a BETA versions software.

For cloning/tuning chances are there to get errors in that case you can contact support and we will resolve it for you our support are active always to help out our customers.


The EDC17CP14 you tested probably will be working on TPROT protocol(not all cp14) that’s why you are getting error on it in few days we will add this protocol in our system then you can read this ecu’s .Also if you can show any other tool which has this much features for this price we will be amazed.


Finally, where I can buy HexTag? Maybe anybody want sell?

Here you can go


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