XTool X100Pad Elite and KC501 Program Audi 2014 A4L Key

XTool X100Pad Elite (X100 Pad3) and  XTool KC501 program Audi 2014 A4L new key step by step.

Enter into Xtool X100Pad Elite main menu, click “diagnosis”, Choose “Audi” and Agree,

Click 4th/5th Immobilizer system

Insert Original Key to ignition switch,Click OK

Click “5th Immobilizer system” and Click Match the key

Click Read Immo Key Data

Enter Filename, and Click OK, and then read immo key data completed. Click OK.

Click “Show Immo Data” , Data including VIN number,keys number are displayed,Click OK.

Click Make Dealer Key

Connect and Power on Xtool KC501

Click OK and Yes to blind then Click”Create A4/A5/Q5 key”

Put the new key to key slot of KC501

Click OK

Make dealer key success,Click OK

Click Match the key,enter the total key numbers 2 (original key + new key), Click OK

The Dashboard Show 1/2 Now

Remove original key from ignition,Insert the new key to ignition,the dashboard show 2/2 now

The new key has been programmed successfully