Xtool X100 Pro2 Hyundai Kia Mileage Correction Via OBD2 in 3 Minutes

Hyundai Kia Mileage correction through XTool X100 Pro2 is so quick, simple and easy to do, and it’s all done via the OBD2 diagnostic port.

Other kits will require you to remove the dashboard, but this kit allows everything to be done via the OBD2 port in under 2 minutes guaranteed.


Here we go:

Select “Dashboard” -> “Asia V29.35” -> “Kia” – “Sportage” – “D70F2536”.

xtool-x100-pro2-hyundai-kia-mileage-correction-02 xtool-x100-pro2-hyundai-kia-mileage-correction-03 xtool-x100-pro2-hyundai-kia-mileage-correction-04 xtool-x100-pro2-hyundai-kia-mileage-correction-05

Select “Mile”.


Select “New File”.


Save file -04


It gives the current mileage 31188 mile.


Press “Ok” to input the mileage of the adjustment “12500 mile”.


Communicating… everything on the dashboard should flash and reset, and new mileage should come up close enough “12499 mile”.

xtool-x100-pro2-hyundai-kia-mileage-correction-11 xtool-x100-pro2-hyundai-kia-mileage-correction-12

BTW, this is Hyundai mileage correction workable list:

xtool-x100-pro2-hyundai-kia-mileage-correction-13 xtool-x100-pro2-hyundai-kia-mileage-correction-14

This is Xtool X100 Pro2, very handy to use. Perfect if you are looking to change the mileage in your personal vehicle, or you need this tool for you work like garage, workshop, mobile mechanic etc. You can also change from miles to KM.