Xtool D8 Program 2023 Chevrolet Tahoe New Key (CAN FD) with Free PIN

Xtool D8 as a newest automotive diagnostic scanner, it can work on newer GM CAN FD protocol vehicles after 2020 bypass PIN code (No 3rd party data required). Here we will use it to add a smart key to a 2023 Chevrolet Tahoe.

Connect Xtool d8 scan tool and vehicle via OBD cable

Make sure the network connection is normal for number key reading and new key adding.

Select GM software (i.e.V28.13)>> Immobilizer>> GM>> CHEVROLET>> USA>> Tahoe>> 2021-2022 (CAN FD)>> Free pin

Step 1: Read number of keys

Press Start button once then release

Read the number of keys is 2.

Step 2: Add Key

It takes at least 10 minutes to execute this function. Please ensure that the vehicle has sufficient battery and cannot be in a sleep state, otherwise the execution may fail.

Turn on the hazard warning lights

Check if the ignition switch can be turned on. If not, open/close the driver’s door (every 10 seconds) and observe the instrument until the instrument responds before proceeding to the next step.

Put a working car key into cup holder

Configure system… Wait for 10 minutes.

Put a new key into cup holder and keep other keys away

Check the information on the cluster

Key Learning Active

Long press the Start button for 2 seconds, check the cluster, if the display does not change, release and hold the start button again (until there is a change) then press OK to continue.

It shows “Ready for Key 3” and “Ready for Key 4” on the instrument

The current number of keys is 3, continue to program more keys.

Insert new key and press Start button

Key learning complete

Programming finish

Use the new key to start the car and test remote



Currently, Xtool D7, D8, D9, D9 Pro can do CanFD, even 2023.

Xtool D8 and D9 can work alone, but D7 needs a different cables and Xtool CAN FD adapter.

In addition, Xtool X100 PAD3, A80, A80 Pro will also do this.

Related FAQs:

Q: Is the CANFD adapter in the D8 or built in the machine?

A: It’s built in to the D8. If you have a D7, it’s necessary to use an extra CANFD adapter.

Q: Obdstar or xtool d8 for gm or chevy 2021? Which one would you suggest for pin free add key? I have im608 and topdon but none do it without pin.

A: Both rely on servers to get the job done. If one is down, you can use the other one. Autel can’t do these.

Q: I try doing a 2021 silverado without digital dash and could not communicate. Any thought? Or did i do something wrong?

A: This car model should be the old system. Did you auto vin or enter manually? Sometimes entering manually will get better results.