What is foxFlash OTB 1.0 Adapter?

foxFlash OTB 1.0 Adapter is an OBD on Bench Adapter. It’s only compatible with foxFlash ECU Programmer extended application engine/transmission computers and ACM/DCM computer modules.

It comes with OTB 1.0 expander and conversion cable in a paper box. Foxflash hardware is not included.

OTB= OBD mode via bench pinout (OBD on bench)

For Foxflash ECU Chip Tuning Tool ONLY! Don’t need to connect with bench box.

Don’t use it with other devices such as PCMTuner ECU Programmer! Otherwise, the device will be damaged! (Illegal use can not be after-sales)

foxFlash OTB 1.0 Expansion Adapter design purpose:

1.Ensure that foxFlash can be expanded to the OTB mode of BENCH PLUS in any OBD working mode

2.Achieve high-speed reading and writing

3.Ensure communication security and prevent the possibility of ECU brick due to voltage instability.

4.OTB reading and writing in OBD offline mode

5.ECM, TCM, ACM, DCM direct desktop mode reading and writing

6.Improve the reading and writing speed of some OBD drivers

foxFlash OTB 1.0 Expansion Adapter Function:

  • Dual-channel high-speed CAN
  • Three-way BOOT
  • Dual VCC power supply
  • GPT encryption and decryption function
  • Adaptive resistance
  • Adaptive CNF signal adjustment


foxFlash OTB Adapter Support List:

Visit the website https://www.dfb-technology.com/driver-list.html

Input OTB in the search box to check the models and models that support OTB.

If the query mode cannot be displayed when opened, please clear the browser cache and reopen the website.


OTB 1.0 Adapter (OBD on Bench Adapter):