How to Active Launch x431 Subscription by Renewal Card

Launch x431 Software Update Subscription by Renew Card Use Guide.

The Subscription Renewal Card is only applicable for those products which are produced by LAUNCH and support software payment and renewal. Buying Launch Renewal Card can help extend your warranty coverage and your software support for one or more additional years.

Step-by-step to activate the Subscription Renewal Card:

For example: Launch X431 V

Make sure the Launch X431 tool has a strong Wi-Fi connection

Step 1: Select [Software Update] on the main menu

Step 2: Select [Renewal] on the software update page

Step 3: Select [Service Upgrade] in the Mall

You can see the different vehicle software package costs.

Step 4: Select [Use Renewal Card]>> [Renew standard software configuration]

Step 5: You can see the related vehicle software included.

Click [Confirm]

Enter the password of subscription renewal card (24-digit numbers)

Tap “Confirm” to finish the transaction

Note: To avoid purchasing a forfeit Subscription Renewal Card, please purchase it from us or other authorized LAUNCH dealers.

Video Guide: