Xtool A30M Test Shift Solenoids on 2017 Honda Accord

Use Xtool A30M OBD2 Scan Tool to test shift solenoids on a 2017 Honda Accord, works fast and perfectly!

Why use this Xtool A30M?

A30M is able to do a bidirectional aka active test aka actuation test, can be a quick first step without the need for any disassembly. This can be used to identify shift solenoid issues in a transmission not shifting correctly or a transmission not shifting well. A defective shift solenoid usually comes with symptoms that affect the operation of the transmission.

Operation steps:

Step 1: Set up test

Step 2: Test shift solenoids

Plug the XTOOL Anyscan A30M into the vehicle’s OBD port

Connect it with Android / iOS handsets/tablets via Bluetooth (i.e. HUAWEI Android smartphone)

Open Anyscan software

Select Diagnosis>> Asia>> HONDA>> 16 PIN Connector>> USA>> System Selection>> Automatic Transmission (AT)>> Actuation Test>> Test Of Shift Solenoid

There are a lot of other bi-directional scan tools (such as Autel tool) are able to do this test. Just be sure to review the manufacturer’s function coverage for whatever tool you decide on versus your car model.

Xtool A30M makes more sense to do this procedure from the engine bay. That way you have a better chance of hearing the engagement of the shift solenoids.

This car doesn’t have a shift solenoid valve A. At least I didn’t see one while reviewing live data from the transmission.

So select Shift Solenoid Valve B to operate with the on-screen prompts

Drive the solenoid valve to ON and OFF for 3 seconds, which will check the presence of circuit malfunction.

Conditions of Test:

  • Shift to Park position
  • Have the engine stopped
  • Start the test by pressing OK

The solenoid valve is driven to ON and OFF automatically. Status of Solenoid valve is Open, then Close.

Solenoid valve is normal.

Also test the operation of Shift Solenoid Valve with the same steps

Solenoid valve is normal as well.

But assuming you get this normal result, despite experiencing shift solenoid issues, then it’s more likely that you’re dealing with an issue with the mechanical side of the transmission, and not an electrical issue.

Alright! That’s the way to find shift solenoid issues using Xtool A30M scanner.

Hope it helps!