Which Launch Tool Read and Write Porsche Cayenne EMS SDI8 ECU?


Is it possible to use Launch tool to read and write Porsche EMS SDI8 ECU? If yes, which tool is recommended? On bench or via OBD in the car?

Here is the answer of uobdii.com engineer:

Yes. You can use X431 IMMO Plus/X431 IMMO Elite, or X431 ECU Programmer, or X431 X-PROG3 PC Adapter on bench.

All have the wiring diagram in the software.

Launch X431 IMMO programmers have the Porsche software inside the device.

X-431 ECU Programmer and X-431 X-PROG3 PC Adapter work with PC software (need to download separately)

Free download X431 ECU & TCU Programmer PC software

Free download X-PROG3 PC Adaptor PC software

Except X431 ECU & TCU Programmer works alone, other devices need an extra Launch GIII XProg3 key programmer.

1.Launch X431 ECU & TCU Programmer/X-PROG3 PC Adapter:

Currently, X-431 ECU Programmer and X-PROG3 PC Adapter can support Porsche Cayenne 2007-2018 M48.52 4800 Turbo 500/Turbo S 500 SDI8 TC1796.

Double-click the ECU desired to enter the operation page

Check the wiring diagram to connect device and ECU correctly

Then connect, read and write ECU in sequence, finally disconnect ECU.

2.Launch X431 IMMO Plus/IMMO Elite

There is a Continental SDI8 option in the software. In addition, Continental SIMOS8.5, SDI6, and SDI7 are supported as well.

The operation steps are the same. Please refer to Continental SDI7 below.

Path: IMMO>> Porsche>> Porsche software (i.e. V10.10)>> Engine Module Replacement>> Continental ECU Clone>> Continental SDI7

STEP 1: View the wiring diagram to connect device and ECU

STEP 2: Connect

STEP 3: Back up EEPROM data (both original and new ECU)

STEP 4: Back up FLASH data (both original and new ECU)

STEP 5: Generate clone data

Select the extern ECU EEPROM and Flash data to generate

STEP 6: Restore EEPROM data with the clone data generated

STEP 7: Restore FLASH data with the clone data generated

STEP 8: Disconnect

Just choose the Launch X431 scanner according to your budget and what vehicle and function you want to do.