Xhorse KM+IMMO Tool Skoda Superb 09 mileage correction

My Superb is running 250,000 Km, while it displayed at 200,000 KM only. I am Afanasy from Russian. Much reputation is given to the VAG KM+ IMMO odometer correction cable in many Russian vehicle forums. So I took their advice to rush myself to get one to play with.

My Vehicle Model: 2009 Skoda Superb

I purchased:

A piece of Super VAG KM+IMMO interface

A CD driver included in the package

Where& How& How much:

I got this from uobdii.com because it is the authorized dealer and provides original X-horse product. It took me US$487 shipping via DHL.


Mine VAG KM+IMMO interface is the latest version V1.8.2. The newest version has avoided data loss problem during the update procedure. And the latest version adds NEC24c32& NEC24c64 algos, 95320 immo functions etc.

As soon as the package arrived at my door, I provided the sale girl the SN. They activated and updated the device and get NEC95320authorization.

I have a 1T0920881A dashboard which is configured with Nec24C32. Lucky that mine dash form is Nec24C32. If I have NEC24C64, I have to purchase NEC24C64 Update Module for VAG KM IMMO TOOL to work with VAG KM IMMO tool.

The VAG KM cable is not that difficult to play with. I had get myself a pdf manual to play with

VAG KM+IMMO Tool User Manual


My Superb is running 250,000 Km, while it displayed at 200,000 KM.

I hooked it up to change kilometer, read and change VIN number, it worked no problem.

Xhorse-KM-immo-tool-2 Xhorse-KM-immo-tool-1

These days I got another chance to realize other extra function. One of my clients has lost his car key so he went to my garage to match new keys. It is time to project key programming function. Followed by the using guide, I had solved the problem without much effort.

How to Add Dealer Key with Tango


The user guide displays as clearly as possible on how to make cars keys either lost all original key or at least has one key.

Highly recommend this tool for my peers.