Original Autoboss V30 for $499 authorized to uobd2

Original Autoboss V30 is authorized to uobdii.com and sales only 499USD + shipping, available at:


In the following parts, I list all of Autoboss V30 detailed information, hope it helps.

Autoboss 30 package content:

All necessary cables and adapters included

One universal connector for most vehicles, including all CAN vehicles


v-30 Auto scanner Feature:

1) Quick test function to the complete vehicle

2) Cover more than 57 makes, 40,000 vehicle system

3) More than just reading & clearing fault codes – go far beyond and access the Complete vehicle, including: drive me, chassis, body, and the networking/communication modules.

4) Live data and graphing, performs actuations and adaptations

5) Key programming, electronic parking brake, service light reset and much more

6) Cutting adge operation system: Windows CE.

7) European & Asian vehicles with dealer-level power

Autoboss V30 diagnostic coverage:

With V30, you can keep your work in house with coverage of over 57 vehicle makes and more than 40,000 systems.


Autoboss V30 System Coverage


Autoboss V30 user-friendly menu


Autoboss V30 basic diagnostic Function:

Autoboss V30 quick test


V30 data stream wave form


V30 live data


V30 read out fault codes


V30 service light reset


V30 key & remote programming


Autoboss V30 more functions and features:

1) Read & change ECU codeing

2) Coding of the new control modules

3) Internet update function

4) Testing repor saving function

5) Optional add on mini printer

8) PC-Link operation is available

9) Multi-lanauge for internetional market

10) Simple and direct interface gets right to the problem – quickly and efficiently.

11) Easy to use VGA colour touch screen.

Autoboss V30 PC/laptop connection

More autoboss V30 Update files as follows:

Autoboss V30 user manual:



Autoboss V30 software update instruction:



Instruction on Autoboss V30 subscription renewal