Quickly 4C 4D 46 48 clone machine first user’s Feedback

With the release of Quickly 4C 4D 46 48 clone machine, locksmith has one more choice on 4C 4D 46 48 clone machine, besides ND900, CN900, CBAY for 4D 46 48, clone king and TM100+ TM100 4D and ID46 adapter. FYI, it’s a factory in China with Chinese version only for a long time, now English version. (Not a clone of cn900 Tjecu)

Since Quickly 4C 4D 46 48 clone machine sale at half the price than CN900, several customers ordered.

Here is the first customer who is a senior locksmith from Colombo, and repeated customer at UOBDII.com. He order one Quickly 4C 4D 46 48 clone machine at 8th June, 2015, and he give us feedback

8th June, 2015 update:

Ordered this device today, will review and post feedback


18th June, 2015 Update

I received my Quickly car key reader today. It’s a big case for everything including batteries and charger, warranty card, instruction for use, tips, supported chip list.

I confirm Quickly car key reader can read Toyota SK H and H key.

Quickly car key reader is battery powered and cheaper anything else to buy over the CN900, apart from this, all functions are same as cn900 and I feel that it is of better built quality.

I can confirm Quickly car key reader need 46 decoder, fit also to the new 46 cloner



This locksmith brother haven’t test the unit with cn1,2,3, but he says he is sure cn1 and 2 will be stable, going to test cn3, and test more, then post update.