Xhorse Dolphin HU58 decoding and cutting is first class

In my experience, Xhorse Dolphin XP005 is first class on HU58, both decoding and cutting. It cuts a really nice key. Best machine I’ve had for HU58.I haven’t updated the firmware since I got it, though.

For example, cut hu58 key for a 1996 3 series lock. If you want to see the lock, be (484) HU58 Lishi Picking & Decoding 1996 BMW 3 series. This key is going to be cut on the Xhorse Dolphin, you are going to be using our VVDI key tool max to run it.

We decoded it with felicia that our A and B tracks, we’ve got 233123 and 134411, and done through instacode, give us a code of our BH130746, we know our cuts are good and so when we cut this key here, we shouldn’t have any problem with it.

So, we’ll go ahead and cut by biding and we’ll do an HU58 Silca and this is a shoulder align key using a clamp and go ahead to program the bitting, really quick and we’ll go ahead and lock the key up, so we’re doing 233123 and 134411, and just double check them.

So we got our biding loaded there, so this is a M2 clamp using the A jaw, which we jump down here and shoulder stop key here, so basically they just want to press hard, get it flat, push on the shoulder, up against the clamp here and if you want to push down, to make sure that sits flat how it should, we got our key loaded here.

And we’ll just jump back to our VVDI Key Tool Max, and we’ve got our bitting loaded in.

We just hit “Cut” and “Continue”, and Dolphin machine will do its thing.

All right, there is our first side cut, get all the brass off there and we’ll flip it over to make sure this thing can actually sit there flat.

All right, got it lock back.

Back to our key tool max here, we hit “Okay” and we hit “Cutting” and “Continue” and we’ll cut the second side.

All right, side two cut and brush the brass off.

We’ll go ahead and test it out, grab a key and it works perfectly, that’s HU58, I cut on Xhorse Dolphin using Key Tool Max to run the machine.