Where to get wiTECH MicroPod 2 Clone High Quality PCB review?

This blog comes from a real customer review and share with you all if anyone need a high quality wiTECH MicroPod II Clone! Check below MicroPod 2 Chrysler review with many PCB pictures:


Just ordered a wiTECH MicroPod 2 1:1 clone SP271-B and it has been working exactly like an OEM unit!

No errors so far and tested functions on 3 different vehicles. Yesterday used it on a 2014 dodge avenger all fine
Able to flash a module update and program a new key

Able to work with DRB III Emulator

Work fine on Windows 7 and Windows 10, XP haven’t tested


It has been confirmed working with unmodified software wiTECH V17.03.10 (downloaded directly from Chrysler) and online (logged into Tech Authority). Not sure if it will be blacklisted or the firmware will be updateable with the next software release, but for now it works fine.


And some pictures of MicroPod 2 Clone PCB for who is curious:

It’s a two-layer PCB building when I first open the shell.


Take apart the upper layer.

This is PCB main board front side:


The PCB main board back side:


The upper PCB layer two sides:

witech-micropod-2-clone-high-quality-pcb-4 witech-micropod-2-clone-high-quality-pcb-5

I know there are 3 kinds of MicroPod clones, same box same software version V17.03.01 but different prices.

But I will always insist to recommend this one, high quality 1:1 clone OEM as original. At least tested all OK by my own!

Here is the link I bought $525:


wiTech-MicroPod-2-diagnostic-programming-tool-6 wiTech-MicroPod-2-diagnostic-programming-tool-7