iCarScan 2.0 review: Check Mercedes ABS ESP read data stream

Here tested iCarScan new launched tool iCarScan 2.0 check Mercedes ABS ESP sensor status and read real-time data stream! All OK. Check iCarScan app screenshots below…


iCarScan price to let you know first:

iCarScan 2.0 Bluetooth OBDII Scanner Android IOS $218

Besides the iCarScan 2.0 adapter, you can also free download 5 car software+ 3 special function software, totally 8 software as you like!


icarscan-obdii-diagnostic-scanner-android-ios-user-manual-registration-2 icarscan-obdii-diagnostic-scanner-android-ios-user-manual-registration-3

iCarScan 2.0 review tested OK to check Mercedes ABS ESP:


  1. Connect iCarScan 2.0to car and connect it to your phonevia Bluetooth.
    icarscan-obdii-diagnostic-scanner-android-ios-user-manual-registration-4 icarscan-obdii-diagnostic-scanner-android-ios-user-manual-registration-5
  1. Select your car’s mark BENZ and “Automatically Search” or “Manually Select”. Automatic selection automatically detects your vehicle model, and in manual selection, you can choose the car brand and the model yourself.
  2. Select “Quick Test” or “System Selection”. “Quick Test” scans through all vehicle control units, from the “System Selection” menu you can explore the desired control unit.4. Then select “Read Data Stream”function to check all ESP sensors status.


  1. Then select “ESP sensors” and select the sensors you want, or just select all.
    icarscan-2-0obdii-android-ios-scanner-review-check-mercedes-abs-esp-7 icarscan-2-0obdii-android-ios-scanner-review-check-mercedes-abs-esp-8
  1. The reader displays real-time data on the values of the sensors.


By selecting “Diagram”, you can look at the sensor data in graphical form.


Additionally, you can combine the graphical values of the sensors into the same diagram, which makes comparison of values easy
Haven’t read data stream in other control modules, will test it in coming days…

Think this iCarScan 2.0 Android IOS diagnostic tool will be helpful to my little car shop!