Renault Can Clip V167 Installation Guide Full Step by Step

Here is 04.2017 Renault Can Clip V167 Installation Guide on Windows 7 for you! You can know how to install Can Clip V167 step by step as below:


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How to install Renault Can Clip V167 software on WIN 7?

Note: Before installation, make sure you disconnect the internet!

Step 1

After download and unzip the Renault Can Clip V167 software, go to the folder “Activation (Patch V3)”.

Open “Crack Renault CLIP” registration entries.

Click “Yes” and “OK” to continue.

Step 2

Pull down to open “setup” application.

And you will start to install CAN Clip V167!

Click the “First Installation” icon.

Choose “I accept…” and “Next”.


Step 3

Choose the region: OTHER COUNTRIES and “Next”.

Choose the language: ENGLISH and “Next”.

Choose the manufacturer: RENAULT, “Next” and “Next”.

Now you need to restart your computer to complete the “First Installation”.

Step 4

Right click the “CLIP” icon on desktop and choose “Properties”.

Click “Open File Location” and cut the RSRWin application to desktop.

Back to the folder “Activation (Patch V3)”, copy the RSRWin application to the former Local Disk C: location.

Step 5

Open this RSRWin, you are now start CLIP Registration.

Check the box “I understand and accept…” then click “Register me now” button.

You can see a pop-up question “Are you a part of Renault network?”, click “NO”.

Now you need to enter CLIP Registration unlocking codes.

Back to the folder “Activation (Patch V3)” and fulfill the blanks according to the pictures step 1-step 5.

Then click “Confirm” and “OK”.



Step 6

Cut the RSRWin application on desktop back to Local Disk C:/CLIP_X91/Lib/Application, choose “Move and replace”.

Now you can see it’s installing the software driver.

After that you successfully install Renault Can Clip V167 software! And you can use it with Renault Can Clip now!

At end of article we put video guide here: