VVDI MB BGA tool – W211 not read with OBD2

Post starts with question that “VVDI MB BGA tool not read W211 with OBD2” then followed with reason and how to do correctly.

New Update information,here is a W211 All Keys Lost Programming Case:

Benz W211 All Key Lost Programming by VVDI Prog and MB Tool


Tool: VVDI MB BGA tool
I use VVDI MB BGA tool test read data with obd2 210 k line working and 204 car read with obd 2 but 211 not read with obd2.

Cable connect
16 12v
4+5 GND
14 CAN_L

pin 1 : ESL 1
pin 2 : GND
pin 3 : +12V (30)
pin 5 : CAN L (White)
pin 6 : CAN H (Green)
pin 7 : CAN L
pin 8 : CAN H

Answer: read eis via obd for W164, W169, W211, W209, require gateway connected

What does one do to connect to gateway? Do you mean read while EZS is connected to the car?
Answer: correct, need to connect to the car. If you test on bench, also need to connect gateway.

Why need gateway??Other tool does not need it!!
Cannot ask customer or mechanic to send me also gateway for make a keys ,in many cases MB owner send us the eis .
Also it is now possible to read the pass from old EIS (Motorola) via IR or OBD or even on bench using CAN??
Answer: u can read old EIS Motorola type by K line only but not obd like 208 209 210 211 and 220 using vvdi.