Benz W211 All Key Lost Programming by VVDI Prog and MB Tool

This article show a step-by step guide on how to programming keys for Mercedes Benz W211 by Xhorse VVDI devices.


What Devices Need?






Step 1:Read EIS Dump File with VVDI Prog

Follow below figure to connect VVDI EZS adapter to VVDI Prog and laptop.

Open VVDI Prog software–>Immobilizer–>Benz–>EIZ W211-ST12(Adapter)

And you click “Connection diagram” to check the connection diagram

Follow the connection diagram and put EIS on adapter


Press “Read” button,and wait until operation success


Then save the EIS dump file.


Step 2:Calculate Key File & Write New Key With VVDI MB BGA Tool

Connect VVDI MB BGA Tool to laptop and open the software

Click “Load EIS File” to load the W211 ST12 EIS dump file that read out by VVDI Prog before


Choose v051–>prepare key file 1-8,then click “Prepare Key File” button to continue

Then you need to wait the progress completing


All key files now save at EIS folder

Now back to the left menu to select “Read Write Key”


Plug the new key into the VVDI MB BGA key slot,then back to VVDI MB software to click “Identification key” button to check BE key that unuse status

Then you will see the new key status

Click “Load Key file”

Choose key number 3

Then click “Write” button

After writing progress finishing,you will see the new key status

Now you can test the new key on car.