TJECU CN900 Mini: How-to instructions, update, comparison (all here)

CN900 Mini Update Guide
CN900 Mini 6 languages available
CN900 mini will update to copy 48 chip
CN900 MINI Video Guide
How-to instructions
Video instructions
Comparison with mini nd900 / JMD Handy Baby

1.Update:CN900 Mini  Update Guide:

Step 1:Download CN900 Mini update software here:

Newest Smart CN900 Mini Updater V2.7 Free download

Step 2:Exact the zip file,and then run the CN900-MINI-V2.7.exe

Step 3:Connect USB Cable to CN900 Mini,and click “CONNECT” button.

Note:If the connection built successfully,it will show you the CN900 Mini information,include SN and old Firmware version at right low conrner.

Step 4:It wil pop-up a new version information,just click “UPDATE” button to begin update progress.

Then the CN900 Mini Update software will update the cn900 mini automatically.

Just wait it finish.

When it finish,it will reboot the CN900 mini.


CN900 Mini 6 languages available:

Arabic, Portuguese, Japanese, Turkish, Russian, Spanish

cn900 mini language

CN900 mini will update to copy 48 chip

CN900 mini copy 48 chip



3.How-to instructions:

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4.Video instructions:

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5.Comparison with mini nd900 / JMD Handy Baby:

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