On Sale Yanhua Digimaster III D3, ends 06/30/2017

Yanhua Digimaster III D3 on Sale:

Yanhua Digimaster 3 No Tokens limitation, sale price $999 (949EURO)

Yanhua Digimaster 3 with 980 Tokens, sale price $799 (759EURO)

Ends: 06/30/2017

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Question: Is the Yanhua Digimaster III D3 sold by uobdii.com is original?

Answer: definitely yes, contact email at: Sales@UOBDII.com for the certificate file.


Following parts include Yanhua Digimaster III newest update, how-to instructions/ manuals, video instruction and comparison with dp3 and tacho pro 2008, etc.

Yanhua Digimaster III newest update:

Digimaster 3 2017.5 update:

Digimaster 3 2017.5 can work with all car makes up to May, 2017 year.

1) If you have Digimaster 3 with more than 200 tokens, after update you have 200 tokens left.

2) If you have Digimaster 3 with less than 200 tokens, after update the tokens won’t be deducted.

Tip: if all modules ar paid, it won’t deduct tokens any more incl. all the models before May, 2017 year.

3) You get free Mercedes Benz BGA software.

Digimaster 3 update v1.8.1604.20: https://blog.uobdii.com/digimaster-3-update-v1-8-1604-20-odometer-correction-master

Yanhua Digimaster III D3 how-to instructions/ manuals:

Digimaster 3 odometer tool user manual

Digimaster 3 configuration list

Digimaster 3 newest car list

How to update digimaster 3

How to use D3 correct mileage on BMW CAS 2000-2014 year?

Toyota Camry change mileage with Digimaster 3

Mercedes Benz audio decoding using Digimaster III


Digimaster III video instruction:

How to use digimaster-3 to program mileage odometer for VW Audi


8 pin IC desoldering


Circuit connection of welding for digimaster 3:



digiprog 3 VS digimaster 3

Tacho Pro 2008 VS Digiprog 3 VS Digimaster 3