CN900 Mini write 4C success with new CN1

New TJECU CN1 can copy 4C with CN900 Mini or above. CN5 can copy 4D/G chip with any version of CN900 Mini .

This is a great news for those who have problem to write 4C when TJECU CN900 Mini update to firmware

Pictures means a lot, please have a look:

new cn1 chipnew cn1 chip back


new cn1 chip back-03




Here CN5 chip to copy 4D:

CN5 Toyota G chip CN5 Toyota G chip-02 CN5 Toyota G chip 5 pieces

Real 4C/CN1 chips or fake?
There are so many stores selling fake CN transponders and TJECU is not putting any marks on them so it’s impossible to distinguish….
Answer: Please make sure what you buy 4C/CN1 chips is made by original TJECU and from a reliable seller. The real one can write 4C when you have newest mini900.

Question: How about all the other key duplicating machines? Will they work with these new 4C/CN1 chips?
Answer: Yes, it can work with other key duplicating machines.

Question: where can we buy them from?
Answer: is reliable site who sell original TJECU CN transponders.

$27.99 free shipping for 5 pieces.

Any question, please feel free to contact us: