How to pick & decode Lishi NE78 2in1 for Peugeot 406

November 1, 2017 uobdii 0

This was the very 1st Lishi 2in1 pick decoder made , and this was the 1st article i did on the 2in1 tool for a uk magazine , im not sure if you come across this lock in the states , but it has a nasty light clutch , but with the 2in1 tool is a simple pick and decode.


Genuine Lishi 2 in 1 User Guide

October 25, 2017 uobdii 0

Lishi 2 in 1 User Guide outlines in detail how the tool interacts with the lock, where the wafers are and are not, which way they move and which lever on the tool moves the wafer.