How to use Lishi HU66 2 in 1 decoder for VW Audi Seat Skoda Ford Porsche

It’s an instruction on how to get codes with Lishi HU66 2 in 1 decoder before cutting keys on Condor XC mini master.

hu66-2-in-1-manual-1 hu66-2-in-1-manual-2 hu66-2-in-1-manual-3 hu66-2-in-1-manual-4 hu66-2-in-1-manual-5 hu66-2-in-1-manual-6 hu66-2-in-1-manual-7 hu66-2-in-1-manual-8 hu66-2-in-1-manual-9 hu66-2-in-1-manual-10 hu66-2-in-1-manual-11 hu66-2-in-1-manual-12 hu66-2-in-1-manual-13 hu66-2-in-1-manual-14

Lishi HU66 decode success!

Then you can cut keys with the codes on iKeycutter Condor key cutting machine.

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