How to tell if your locksmith tool is original Lishi or not?

Someone feedback it is not difficult to tell if you locksmith tool is original Lishi or not.

Here I would like to share 3 tips to recognize the real one from the bad one.


Tip 1:

MR Li showed a test where he drew a copy tool down a metal chair leg and the tool marked the table, he repeated with his tool and no mark.


Tip 2: Real lishi tool with a new hollogram logo – Mr. Li face, that will be hard to replicate.


Take for example, it is an original lishi tool authorized distributor for approx 4 years, all Lishi tool here:, after open it you will agree they are all marked with such a logo.

Take this HON66 2-in-1 Auto Pick for example.


Tip 3: Check patent number on the tools

The one made by the inventor, Mr. Li , you will see the patent number on the tools. The other one is NOT make by Mr. Li, it does NOT have patent number on it.

Look at the following one, “PAT: 2006xxxxx” is the Patent number:


Hope it helps!


FYI, one UK customer feedback he really like more the china tools than the European ‘originals’. The china ones are more comfortable to hold and use for him.