(Solved) VXDIAG VX Manager license expiration 12/31/2020

Got everything up and running. I noticed the VX Manager license showed an expiration of 12/31/2020. That about right?


Yea, about right, and when I was setting up Tis2000 and upgraded the license for it, noticed that it was slightly longer date than the initial nano license to start with when I was setting up T2w. So got a feeling that is only upgrades the license for so long from a given date,, but if you go in later, it will further the license by the same time frame for a later date instead.

The only really downside I see, is in GDS2 for the MDI side of things, and wondering if there is going to be any updates to the cracked version. Hence in GDS2, GM global 2016.4.0 , the latest corvette is the 2016 model, with nothing listed for 2017, nor 2018 models.

With any luck, they get the on cloud version completed for GM, and it will either have the updates, or at least allow you to use the online version for the 2017 and later GM models instead.

If you did not see the cloud version, go to VX manager, to the far right tab, and will bring you up to speed.

in detail…


VX Manager download:


Install the VX Manger

Install-VX-Manger-1 Install-VX-Manger-2


Connect your device. Open the VX Manager, and click VX Cloud. Then click 云诊断(Cloud Diagnosis)

Install-VX-Manger-3 Install-VX-Manger-4


Sign in, the User name is xinnuoyu, password is xinnuoyu, too.


You will enter to this interface.


Connect VXdiag Nano to your car, click your car brands, then click OPEN CLOUD. Here take Mazda as an example.


You will be connected to the cloud. Mazda IDS software will be there.


Open Mazda IDS, start new session, and choose all other. Try to see whether your car information is correct or not. You can start to use it now!


When you finish using it, close the upper window. Click OK and then left.


If your device is a multi one – VXDIAG multi diagnostic tool, and you want to do other car models. you can click Diagnostic Cloud Apps and choose the model you want.