Program Keys for Indian TATA 24C04 with UPA & TM100 Programmer

This article show a guide on how to use UPA and TM100 Key Programmer to program keys for TATA Indica Vista,Safari Storme,Manza.


What Devices You Need?

UUSP UPA Programmer

TM100 Programmer



Remove ignition switch from vehicle.

Remove the screws from ignition switch


Separate immobilizer coil from lock

Remove the screws on the coil

Open cover of coil carefully

Now you can get in access to the PCB,and then remove the 24C04 chip from PCB

Fix 24C04 chip on the adapter

Connect the 24C04 adapter to UPA programmer,and build connection to laptop

Run UPA software to read out 24C04 data file,and save it on your laptop.


Now you need to run TM100 software,and select vehicle brand and model

Open the file read by UPA software

And now you can see the old keys already stored in IC

Select “Key 3”

And use ID46 chip for new key,and you need to put the ID46 chip into closed to TM100 coil slot.

Then TM100 software will add the new key information into the file that you read from 24C04 chip.If you need to add next key,you need to save the file as new one.And for next key operation,you need to reload the new file.

After adding keys you want,use UPA software to write the new immobilizer file back into 24C04 chip.And then solder the 24C04 chip back on the ignition switch coil PCB.


Done!Let’s drink beer for your excellent work!