SEC-E9 key cutting machine & its optional clamps

SEC-E9 key cutting machine and its optional clamps incl. image, name, suitable keys, price etc.

SEC-E9 clamp name Image Suitable keys Details
Single-sided standard key clamps single-sidedstandard-key-clamps-01 for House Keys Details + how to use
HU162T Clamp hu162t-clamp-02 Volkswagen Golf 7, Magotan 2018, Lavida 2018, Phaeton etc. also Audi 2018 new models Details
HU66 Clamp SN-CP-JJ-12 hu66-clamp-03 Sharon, Touareg, Phaeton, Beetle and other Volkswagen series, as well as TT, Q7 and other Audi series, Bentley, Lamborghini, Skoda series, Porsche series, Roewe. Details
Tubular Key Clamps tubular-key-clamp-04 House keys & Motorcycle keys Details + how to use
Ford Tibbe Jaws FO21 Key Clamp  ford-tibbe-jaws-fo21-key-clamp-05 Ford and Jaguar keys Details
HU64 Clamp hu64-clamp-06 Benz series for class C,E and GLK ,Sprinter,Viano, Vito and all new Benz improted cars (including Maybach,Lorinser and Carlsson,class in S and GL,out milling and double side   keys) Details
SN-CP-JJ-01 car-key-clamp-sn-cp-jj-07 1) Major jaw for SEC-E9
2) For car keys fixing and cutting
3) Fix standard keys and laser keys
4) To do calibration must use this clamp firstly
5) Can add other aided fixture on it to complete different types of keys cutting
Dimple House Key Cutting Clamps SN-CP-JJ-02 dimple-house-key-cutting-clamps-sn-cp-jj-08 Details
FO19 LDV Key Clamp SN-CP-JJ-06 sec-se9-ldv-fo19-clamp-09 For Cutting LDV Car Keys. It is put on the main clamp automobile key cutting clamp when used. Details
TOY2 Clamp toy2-clamp-10 for new Toyota and new BYD one-side cut thin laser keys Details
VA2 Clamp SN-CP-JJ-13 va2 clamp-11 for new Renault one-side cut thin laser keys Details