(solved) VW ETKA 7.5 updated, but ETKA 7.5 AUDI cannot update

Have any problem with update ETKA 7.5. Updates downloaded. When you install VW – it’ OK.But AUDI can’t update. Here are some useful tips for you. Big thanks to the contributor.


It says:

Important ETKA 7.5 informationThis data update can only be processed by the current version ETKA 7.5. It’s now possible to install ETKA 7.5 quickly and efficiently even without an ETKA DVD via Internet. Note on installation:Please deactivate you local antivirus software for the duration of the installation. After installation has finished, you can find additional configuration information as well as details about new functions by clicking on the ELERNING button on the pressing F1 in ETKA.



Free Download ETKA 7.5 / 7.4 / 7.3 Electronic Catalogue

Here you go…..

Make sure your ETKA 7.5 is working… Some download links cannot work…sometimes, it’s necessary to spend some dollars to get a 100% working ETKA, cheap crack version ok also


When you re-install ETKA, you will run the update application. At the end of the update, don’t click to run the update. You leave the app open and look for those files in your : C drive (where you have ETKA installed). You should be able to find it by going to:
Start: My computer, C drive, folder Etka, folder Data.
Here you will see all four manufacture.
When you open one of them, you will look for the UPDATE folder.
Copy all those update files to somewhere on you computer.
Do it for all manufacture.
Then, you reverse the steps by adding two to three update files in there at a time for each manufacture and start the update.

These are the steps I followed after installing etka for the forth time.
Reference: How to fully update ETKA 7.5 VW Audi Skoda Seat?

I reinstalled everything, downloaded all the updates BUT didn’t install them all at once. I left in the update folder only 17 updates for each brand (etupau11030.exe-etupau11190.exe, etupse6290.exe-etupse6450.exe, etupsk6350.exe-etupsk6510.exe, etupvw11030.exe-etupvw11190.exe) and then updated for the first round. It went fine. After that I put the rest of updates back and updated for the second run and it went fine also (I had to close ETKA and leave only updates running). So now it’s fully updated.